Rennovating the Range

A big flaky ceiling

The more we looked up the more we wanted to look down…. 36m by 5m of flaky white paint.  Its a lot of painting and a lot of preparation.  We tried blasting it off with a compressor, unfortunately nothing got blasted.  We tried blasting with a power washer, unfortunately nothing got blasted.

ceiling 2 ceiling 3 ceiling 4So armed with a couple of scrapers a brush (and appropriate protective eye and head protection) we got scraping.  It was a horrid horrid horrid horrid horrid job, but then, when we had finished we felt that a bottle of bubbles was deserved, (always looking for an excuse!),

Choosing the bay dividers

We recognise we aren’t the quickest decision makers in the world and have been described as pedantic which is probably true.  So for us choosing the colours, style and length of the bay dividers wasn’t easy and involved (probably too many) trips to see other ranges.  We constructed a wooden mock up of the bays and conducted a scientific experiment where we simulated a golf ball hitting different colours of divider to see which left the most obvious marking (for those who are interested it seems that it is the white coming off the balls rather than the colour coming off the pvc on the dividers).  Eventually armed with sufficient information we made our selection, met up with a lovely lady from Range Solutions and then once again waited for the weather to improve.

And then the painting began

paint1topIt was a relief to start painting and an even bigger relief that the primmer paint seemed thick, sticky and as if it was going to cover well.  2 weeks, more scrapping and 40 litres of primer later the ceiling was primed.  Tears of relief were shed and more tears when we realised we still had the top coat to do!  So back up the scaffolding we went and still we painted the ceiling….. to be honest at this point our facebook followers, our golfers and our friends just thought the whole thing was a joke (not the funny kind!).

 And the painting continued……

wallsEventually we moved onto priming and top coating the walls a stroll in the park compared to the ceiling.  The metal work a little more tricky but compared to the range ceiling all the painting we do for the rest of our lives will seem a joy (writing this I realise that we may have been permanently scared from the range ceiling!)


With our feet firmly planted on the floor

We built some shuttering, mixed and laid some concrete, took down the old barriers, painted the floor, breathed a massive sigh of relief and opened some bubbles….. Our job was done (well for 1 evening)….

cement2floorno barriersbubbles

And then…..

Up went the barriers and lights and the range was transformed and our wine supplier gave us some more bubbles to celebrate….

driving range day driving range at night