Knee Pads and Wacker Plates




bail out





We promised ourselves an easy winter.  No major projects, get ready for the season.  Maybe just update the waste disposal area, a bit of turfing, a bit of concreting and that will do – how hard can it be?

Well as always small projects grow and grow.  We started digging and carried on digging.  It became an excellent opportunity to line up the drains, pop in a motor home emptying point and why not use those block paving that we inherited?

Armed with granddads fork, our sds drill and a tape measure we planned, re-planned measured and re-measured.  We dug, we bailed out and watched lots of you tube clippings about block paving.  Eventually we set out, made some concrete moulds, concreted, spread our hogin and hump-a-dumped (as wacking became affectionately named).  We spread more hogin and hump-a-dumped again.  We spread the sand and we hump-a-dumped.  It was then time to lay the block paving and we hump-a-dumped again!  Someone decided they wanted a block paved circle and someone else decided a pergola would look good.

manholeIMG_0680blockingwoodWe had a wonderful time and found hot baths and ibuprofen kept our bodies going!  Now we are just deciding where to block pave next…….

the finish