Fakenham Fairways Fencing Frenzy – how it all began

Holes, poles and cable ties

This winter has seen us go fencing crazy here at Fakenham Fairways, once we got the bug we found we just couldn’t stop and once one stretch was finished we just carried on digging……digging a hole at Fakenham Fairways.

With the summer holidays nearly upon us we have decided on just one more fence. I hope that we cope and don’t suffer too much from fence builders withdrawal symptoms.  (I wonder if that would be a first).

It all began up in the children’s play area. High winter winds had taken its toll on our existing fence so rather than another repair we decided to start again, and with plenty of old scaffold poles and netting salvaged from the old golf range net we had all the materials we needed.

The line was marked out and the digging commenced (I knew we didn’t need to hire a digger with our digging skills!).Hammer in hole at fakenham fairways.

The holes (finally) dug, the poles cut to length and the fun really began. Cement mixing is just great (a bit like making a cake).   I’m surprised that those relatively small paddles mix, but they do and with our 4 to 1 mix (we got very technical) our poles are securely in the ground and will take quite some shifting!cement mixing at Fakenham Fairways

Next we rubbed down, cleaned painted and drilled the poles before learning how to do a dolly knot (technical again) to tension the wire.

The trench was dug so we could bury the chicken wire and stop the rabbits (I was sceptical (although what do I know) and so far it has worked (clearly I don’t know very much!).

And then I purchased the cable ties.  Oh how they laughed and scoffed at the 11,000. I now have cable ties for life and Christmas presents for all my nearest and dearest for years to come!!  Cabling tieing commenced… and then went on and on and on and then on some more and on……Cable tie at fakenham fairways

We tied and tied and cut and cut and I took the odd artistic photograph.fakenham Fairways kids play area fence

So here it is our first upcycled (trendy term) fence…..