Costa del Fakenham Fairways (with a little imagination!)

With tuppence for paper and string you can build almost anything….. (la de da….)

woodphoto 5

We realised our Coffee stop entrance wasn’t obvious enough when people wanting to have a go on pitch and putt or the driving range kept ending up in the campsite washing up area!

So having decided pergola kits just weren’t big enough or high enough for our needs we designed our own and sourced wood from a local wood yard.


photo 9photo 7


We had great fun cutting and sawing and chiselling and banging and drilling our way….. We learnt the joys of an sds drill (wow how do they do what they do?) Created a frame for a new sign, got use to working at heights and built a big plant pot out of an old veranda for George our new plant.  We now have somewhere for folks with dogs to sit and enjoy a coffee.




photo 6

We hope to see you trying out our new chairs in the heat wave which we are sure is coming……